Hip Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain


Whether you’re back in the office at a desk (and in the car during your commute) or you’re still at your home office desk scrunched over your laptop, chances are your hips are a little tight. Pain in your lower back or hamstrings can be an indicator that your hips could use some love. We’ve rounded up some great hip stretches on Pinterest that can help you feel good throughout your day and sleep better at night.

7 Hip Stretches Via Verywell Fit

This set of stretches has some of our very favorites including the Butterfly and Standing Lunge Stretch.

10 Best Hip Flexor Stretches Via Byrdie

Some of these you can even do in bed!

Do These Stretches Every Day to Relieve Lower Back Pain Via Paleo Hacks

We’re all about a visual to walk us through saying bye-bye to lower back pain.

10 Yoga Poses for Tight Hips Via Yoga With Uliana

Another great visual featuring some easy yoga moves you can do anywhere.

Hip Stretches Via Brittany Bryden

Let Brittany walk you through a simple and quick yoga flow.

15 Stretches for When Your Hips are Feeling Super Tight Via Health

Trust us, the Supine Figure-Four Stretch will make your eyes roll back in a very good way.

14 Exercises for Relieving Back Pain and Improving Mobility Via Medical News Today

These moves also help with mobility, which can improve your posture and circulation and decrease your risk for injury.


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