7 Easy Workouts You Can Do Before Bed for a Better Night’s Sleep


If you’re anything like us, your brain takes a bit to shut off at night and you end up staring at the ceiling for an hour or two before you finally fall asleep. Phew – the struggle is real! Thankfully there are some easy workouts you can do before bed that will help you drift off to sleep. Bonus: they will also help you burn fat while you snooze! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites on Pinterest that you can do tonight. Read on for the goods!

1. This Bedtime Routine Uses Yoga for Sleep So You Can Have a More Restful Night Via Shape

These workouts and stretches are sure to help us all catch some zzzzzzzz’s.

2. 5 Bedtime Stretches That Will Help You Actually Get to Sleep Via Self

We’ll be lucky to make it from our yoga mat to the bed after these stretches!

3. The best exercises for better sleep (that aren’t yoga) Via Cnet

Jumping rope, walking and strength training are just a few helpful tips mentioned in this article.

4. 7 Gentle Workouts You Can Do Before Bed That May Just Help You Get Better Sleep Via PopSugar

Another great roundup of workouts and stretches you can do before bed!

5. Rest Better With Light Exercises Via NYTimes

The Cat/Cow is one of our favorites.

6. Easy Posture Workout Before Bed Via @jalalsamfit

These moves will also help fix bad posture!

7. Boost Weight Loss and Improve Sleep with this Before-Bed Exercise Routine Via The Leaf

We see squats, push-ups and glute bridges in our near future.

Looking to wind down after a long run? Check out these stretches for runners!

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